In starting up an online business, what are the common questions do you ask? How do you market your products and services across the web? Internet businesses are increasingly dependent on their websites. This acts like the company’s facade which customers first notice when they visit the shop.

Think of a shop showcasing certain products or services. If the welcome sign is not eye-catching, if the front desk does not have a good display, or if the whole shop does not look appealing, customers will be disappointed. Worse, they will be discouraged to come back and tell others to do the same.

This is the same with web development. Any company, large or small, depends on their website in order to attract customers to their business. Most people prefer websites with visually-appealing designs. It’s not because they appreciate aesthetics. Proper usage of images, visuals, graphics and other elements can spell success or failure for the website.

1. Design

Most people often take color for granted. What they don’t know is that it plays a huge role in influencing a customer’s attitude. For example, a website with hues of red, yellow or orange might display a bright and strong personality. While blue, green and other darker shades might convey ideas depending on demographics such as age, gender and social status.

2. Attention Span

They say that speed is the name of the game. This is also true with website navigation. Have you tried going to the ‘Home’ or ‘About Us’ page and waited for several seconds before proceeding? Every second that is lost can result in lower sales. The average attention span is around less than 30 seconds. A web designer, together with the graphic designer and web content writer, respond to the customer’s short span of attention. This can make a difference in people’s buying habits.

3. Proper Content

Any website needs to relevant content. The mix of words describes what the website is all about. It should explain what benefits they can get from using the site, and how it can help them solve their problems. However, there are some pages that have poorly-chosen fonts.

Choose fonts depending on the target market of the company. An appropriate font type and size should be used not just to catch the attention of the readers, but also to match their general personality. For example, a gaming enterprise uses fonts different from those in the food business, health care field and general services.

Content should be the most important aspect of a website. It’s how a business presents their products and services to their buyers. It’s how they entice their potential customers to buy, and to choose them over other providers in the market. Images, videos, articles, and other important parts of the website should be in sync with each other.

4. Data Storage

Another important matter that needs attention is web hosting. It acts like your physical office in which you house your operations, put your inventories, stocks and other important documents. The same is true on the internet.

Your website needs to store files, and an adequate web hosting service provider guarantees that your files will be stored and saved in a secure location.

5. Making a Sale

Every business has one goal in common – to earn profit. However, some companies are making haste and waste. They want to create a website fast without determining that they need to capture their customers’ wants and needs.

Web developers work hand in hand with internet marketers. With the help of content writers, graphic designers, social media marketers and search engine optimization experts, they develop strategies to let your customers buy.