Web Design and Development – Ideas For Generating and Updating Content to Encourage Repeat Visits

If you want to be a successful web entrepreneur, you must learn to attract customers to your website on a regular basis. Design your content in such a way that it compels users to re-visit your site, and keep refreshing it weekly to ensure that each visit by your customers is meaningful and valuable. Outdated and irrelevant content can upset users and give them a reason not to return.

When creating and updating content on your website, remember to keep it simple. Do not overload your web pages with high bandwidth-consuming audio, video and animation features as that can considerably increase the time your web pages take to load. Delay irritates customers and discourages usage of your website. Here are a few effective methods for content creation and update.

Polls and surveys: Internet users look for instant gratification and interaction when they visit a web site. Polls and surveys is an excellent way to fulfill that desire and allow your customers to express their views and opinions. Ask them questions about the latest topics related to your website. For example, a fashion website can ask customers to rate celebrity outfits on red carpets. To encourage greater participation in surveys, you can offer visitors small rewards like discounts and vouchers.

To include a poll or survey on your website ask your web-hosting provider for easy to use tools. Alternatively, look for a free website service that can generate the HTML code for you. For advanced surveys, hire a survey provider who will take care of setup and reporting at an affordable price. Keep your polls and surveys short for the greatest impact.

Blogs: Use blogs to connect with your customers on a more personal level, to highlight your expertise and enhance your visibility and credibility. A combination of interactivity, collaboration and community makes them excellent virtual marketing tools. A blog with its many links can be very useful in directing traffic to your website.: RSS feeds allow you to instantly receive and publish pieces of text, making them great tools for innovative marketing and content building. Add RSS feed from blogs and news articles to regularly attract customers to your website. You can also use RSS feeds to notify subscribers about updates to the website content. To test RSS feeds download and install an RSS reader or look for an orange button on your favorite sites. Most browsers also have built-in tools for viewing and using RSS feeds.

Customer-driven content: Another excellent way of creating and refreshing content is to ask your customers to write it. The excitement of seeing their names on a website will greatly encourage them to contribute content to your site. This also saves money that you would have spent on hiring professional writers.

Daily or Weekly tips: Providing a tip, daily or weekly, is an easy way of refreshing content, attracting customer attention and facilitating repeat visits to your website.

Relevant and fresh content is crucial for the success of your website. Use these tools to develop effective content and give your customers a compelling reason to visit your website repeatedly.


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